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Shirkadath - Bandhistory

Steve Melsen
Steve Melsen

Our band has been founded in February ‘95 under the name of Lobotomy. The name had to be modified, as we noticed, that it exists already a Swedish Death-Metal-Band under this name!
Founder Members of the band were Steve Melsen (Guitar) and Phil Kessel (Drums), followed by Tom Schütz (Guitar). At that time they had to rehearse without any bassist and singer, that’s why the songs sounded at that time quite monotonous.

The next band member joining was Armand Thies (Vocals). At last joined Jemp Berg as a Bassist. From the foundation of the band to the complete line-up elapsed 5 months. On September 23, 1995 the band performed its first Live-Concert in the Café Bulldog in Esch/Alzette (L). Shortly after that, in October 1995, Tom left the band to enlist to the military service. He was at that point substituted by the actual member Corneille Hoffmann.

Armand Thies

On May 4, 1996 we took part in the « Concours de Sélection » in Dudelange (L), where we were not ranked amongst the leading, in spite of our efforts and a happy audience. Nevertheless we were happy with this result and extremely grateful for the experience.

In May `96 Jemp also left the band to enlist for the military service. He has been replaced by Daniel Fastro, the new Bassist. Half a year later, in February '97, our singer  Armand also decided to form up his service in the army! Our new singer hence was Rony Willems, who decided to write new lyrics and vocal themes for all the songs, whereby he could express his feelings and style!

After many Live-Concerts, and further Live-Experiences we gave it a second try at the “Concours de Sélection”, on May 2, 1998. This time we were lucky, so that we won the contest! Due to the success, we opened the “Fête de la Musique” in Dudelange on June 13, 1998.
On June 20, 1998 we launched our first Maxi-CD "Sphere", which is by now sold out!

Dan Fastro

In the beginning of 1999 Dan told us, that we decided to leave the band. He went in direction „ Baby Chams“ (not to the Army)!
To take his position, Frank Meysenburg took up the bass.
In April '99 we received the award "Gëlle Fra" as the "Best Newcomer-Band '98"! Our 50th Concert has been performed and celebrated during the "Red Stone Open-Air Festival" on July 7,  2001 in Differdange!
In 2003 we released at long last our 1st Album called  "Gardens Of Shirkadath"! To record a complete album turned over a new leaf in our band history!

In February 2004 Frank left the band due to musical reasons. Claude Ewert replaced him at that stage! He was with us when we celebrated our 10th anniversary with an important and big Festival in Dudelange.

Claude Ewert

With this line-up we recorded our second Longplayer "Beyond Time&Space"! Right after the recording of the CD, which was released in 2007, Claude left us to concentrate on his studies.

Subsequently we had to pass a long dry spell because we had difficulties in finding a new and adequate bass player... besides Steve also left the band, because he could not balance family life and band activity.

Upon rehearsing for a longtime in a threesome and playing 2 Live-Concerts with Dan Fastro as replacement – bassist, an old acquaintance came into play: Frank Meysenburg was back and we finally had once again a bass player!

To be continued...

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