New Album
New Album „Beneath The Surface“ Out Now!
The band has been founded in February 1995 and played its first Live-Concert at Esch/Alzette the same year on the 23rd of September. On the 2nd of May 1998 Thousand Lakes won the „Concours de Sélection“ in Dudelange, played then at the „Fête de la Musique“ on the 13th of June 1998 and recorded its 1st Maxi-CD „Sphere“, which was released on the 20th of June 1998.
MissTreater (4:34) Sphere (1:11) Scream With Fright (5:23) Eden's Smile (9:13)
In April 1999 the band was awarded with the „Gëlle Fra“ as „Bescht Newcomer Band 1998“. The first Album „Gardens of Shirkadath” appeared during 2003.
The Descent (Intro) Children of the Netherworld Alive & Well Wings of Hate Dawn Of The Wolves Gardens of Shirkadath Beyond the Depths of the Lake Odin’s Hate Powerdrive Ligeia Zombie Holocaust
Thousand Likes played its 50th Live-Concert on the 7th of July 2001 in Differdange at the "Red Stone Open-Air Festival", the 100th in March 2008 in Kopstal at the „Metal Festival“.
The 2nd album called „Beyond Time and Space“ was released at the end of 2007:
The Curse (Intro) Curse The Night Shout To The Gods Defiers Of Seth Bottom Line Eyes Of A Child Take You Down Child Of Wrath Wordless Tale Beyond Time & Space
The 3rd album „Beneath the Surface” is out since February 2019:
Doom of Phobos Angelscream Play the Fool Fall of the Nazarene Suffer me French Riviera Lady Kill the Light Darkened Skies By the blood of Christ Machines from the Sky The Curse of the Black Witch
„Beyond Time and Space“ and „Beneath the Surface” can be ordered from the band. „Beneath the Surface” is also available on iTunes or amazon.